Dhruv Rathee Biography- PDF

Dhruv Rathee is a well-known Indian YouTuber, Vlogger, and social activist. Here in this blog I am providing you a ” Dhruv Rathee Biography- PDF” as of my knowledge so that you can know him better.

Dhruv Rathee Biography- PDF

Dhruv Rathee Biography- PDF

Dhruv Rathee was born on 8 October 1994 in Dhanana village in Rohtak District in Haryana. His schooling was in one of the CBSC Schools in Delhi. In his childhood, he loved to do photography, reading books, martial arts, traveling, swimming, etc.

From his childhood, he wanted to become a Renewable energy engineer. For this, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at a German University. After his studies, he came back to India. As an activist, he involves himself in various social and environmental causes. He has advocated for clean energy, climate change awareness, and other social issues. In this phase, he met a girl named Juli Lbr. They got married on 24 November 2021 in Vienna, Austria. As Juli is a Christian and Dhruv is a Jaat, they married twice accepting and respecting both cultures.

Dhruv Rathee Biography- PDF

But, his journey to becoming Dhruv Rathee whom we know today began on 8th January 2013 when he started a YouTube channel named Dhruv Rathee. But that time he did not get any attention on the other word success. He used to put his photography and videography videos there. At that time he also used to write content for news channels.

In 2014 he got what he wanted when he made a video against Prime Minister Narendra Modi titled ” BJP Exposed: Behind The Bullshit”. This video went viral. There were 5k comments, some were positive and some were negative for him. But, rather than supporting the power like other news channels, he started writing and speaking the truth. He also made a video on demonetization ( Notebandi), surgical strike, EVM hacking, RAW, etc.

As a result, he got an anti-BJP tag. But he didn’t stop. He gained more followers, then he started a new segment i.e. ” PEE News”. Where he started to expose fake news with proper facts. His only strength is facts with research like Ravish Kumar. As many BJP supporters didn’t like this, they filed many FIRs against him. Also, many of his videos have been removed from YouTube because of his videos like “Dark Reality of Cold Drinks/Breads”, Big Boss, Packed Juice, and how social media is destroying our lives, etc. Big companies like Packed Juice companies went to the Kolkata high court and Dhruv was ordered to remove those videos.

Due to these reasons, he got several death threats results he never mentioned his personal details. Like where he lives, his family details, etc. When he started his journey he didn’t have a setup like the present. He used to carry a green screen and used to shoot his video with his iPhone. Now he has his big setup and a big team.

Many people think he lives in Russia where his wife belongs. But that doesn’t matter, what matters is his work. In 2017 he had only 50,000 subscribers and now when I’m writing this he has 12.9 million subscribers. Here we can see his dedication on his work. Seeing his success he started two more channels named, Dhruv Rathee shorts, and Dhruv Rathee Vlogs.

As many people are here to know his income and net-worth, here is the data:

Dhruv Rathee Income

Estimated 55 Lakhs per month

Dhruv Rathee Net Worth

Estimated 6 Million Dollars

Dhruv Rathee Biography- PDF

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